Lo’Lavita is looking for highly motivated and sales oriented candidates. There are so many career opportunities with time flexibility.
1. If you are interested in becoming a team member and expanding the brand within international boarders, please send your resume to
2.  If you want to contribute to our blog as a beauty, stylist or fashion expert. Kindly send us an email.
3. Lo’Lavita is in search of Independent sales agents willing to expand their individual business
4. Marketers can start earning instant cash by selling our products.
5. Spa/Saloons/Stlyist/Store Owners:Lo’Lavita Hair gives you instant cash!Stop sending your clientele elsewhere to search for good hair.Now is the time for salons to make quick money retailing hair,and Lo’Lavita Hair is giving you that opportunity

The aim of independent marketers is to acquire as many individual buyers and wholesalers to sign up in any category.
-Purchase value worth 100,000       –    10% Commission of sale price
-Purchase value less than 100,000  –      5% Commission of total sale price

Target of all Marketers:
-Minimum of 5 clients per month.
-Minimum value of purchase 12,000 USD or your currency equivalent must be attained within 2 months

*** Marketers will neither be listed nor entitled to commissions based on referrals or purchases, if targets are not met.

Lo’Lavita Hair represents the best long lasting virgin grade hair. Lo’lavita will only associate with the best top of the line saloon and we are honored to work with you and help you get fast cash. Lo’LavitaHair is offering a limited number of saloon retailer opportunities worldwide.

If you are installing between 5-50 weaves/month or 5-10 wigs/months, Lo’Lavita Hair salon retailer program is for you

  • Sell hair and stop referring your customers elsewhere: Earn up to $120,000 a year selling hair to your customers.
  • Sell between 10-50packets /month and make extra saloon revenue. There is NO limit to how much you can make.
  • Sell between 5-30wigs per month and earn over $150,000 per year
  • Sell Virgin grade human hair ranging from Indian, Indonesian, Peruvian, Brazilian, Malaysian, Italian, and Russian hair in weft and full lace wig.
  • Get Listed as a salon Retailer on Lo’Lavita Hair website. Customers within the area will have easy accessibility and most importantly will be referred to you.


  • -Give us a call on +2348025275898, USA contact is 1-313-523-9526 or send an email to
  • -Fill out our authorized distributor form and agreement / independent reseller form and agreement.
  • -Wholesale prices will be sent to you via email provided to us.
  • -Start placing your orders. Minimum of 3 -5 Lace wigs,minimum of 1kg or 10packets of weave


  • - Are you an excellent blogger that knows how to educate and entertain people?
  • - Do you keep up with the latest celebrity news, entertainment and styles?
  • - Send an email to with a sample blog post about any subject related to Beauty & Style.