What is a Lace Front Wig?
Lace front wigs are regular wigs with the frontal part made with lace. The Lace is supposed to be cut to the point where the hairline begins. This will create a natural looking wig that creates the illusion that each strand of hair is from your scalp. The lace front wig is made with a thin lace that extends from ear to ear across the hairline. You will apply adhesive to the frontal tip of the lace, that is, your new hairline for a stable, durable and long lasting appearance. It will look like the image
What is a Full Lace Wig?
Full lace wigs are constructed with a lace cap, with each individual strand of hair sewn into the thin lace. The lace can be either French or Swiss lace. You also have the option of choosing from our various cap selection. Full lace wigs has lace all around the unit, and requires the lace to be cut all around the unit perimeter. Full lace wigs will enable you wear and part your hair anyway like, ponytails, up-dos, corn rolls and so on. You name it, you have it. The full lace wigs will give the illusion that the hair is growing directly from your head.

What is the difference between a lace front wig and a full lace wig?
A lace front wig is made only with lace in the frontal part, while the full lace wig is made with a lace cap. The full lace wigs will allow you wear your hair in a ponytail and part any where on the unit. This advantage is limited with the lace front wigs.

What are Bleached Knots?
Bleached knots mean bleaching the tied knots at the root of the cap base. This will appear slightly lighter and will look more natural.

Why do the Knots have to be bleached? A knot is created when each strand of hair is hand tied to the base/root of the lace cap. By bleaching the knots, the knots will be lighter and the whole lace wig will look more natural similar as its own natural hair.

What is hair density?
Density refers to how thin or thick your hair is. The standard and common choice is 100% with medium density. Please click here to see our density chart. The higher the percentage, the fuller the density. The density ranges from 80% to 180%

How long will my wigs last?
The life of your wig will depend on your use and care of it. Your wigs should be managed and maintained like your own natural hair. If handled properly, each wig unit should last for a year or even longer.

Are the wigs layered like shown in the picture?
No. However, you can request for your wigs to be layered/cut. Please indicate by leaving a message when placing your order.


What is a Widow’s Peak Hairline?
A Widow’s peak is an M shaped hairline or Pointed Hairline. The frontal hairline is shaped like the letter M and the frontal hair comes down in point above the forehand.
What is a Natural Hairline?
A natural hairline is a straight hairline. For this, the hair is growing out of scalp straightly above forehand.
Will the hairline on the lace wig have a natural look?
Yes, when you wear the lace wigs correctly, the hairline will have a natural look as though the its your own hair growing from your scalp.

Will my lace wigs have baby hair around the hairline?
For custom order, you have the option to include baby hair around the circumference of the hair. For our in-stock wigs please look at description to see if there is baby hair around the hairline perimeter. We recommend you to have baby hairs around the front and perimeter of the wig to make the hairline more natural looking. You can order your wig units with straight, wavy or curly baby hair.
Does the wig come with Baby Hair?
Most of our wigs in-stock all have baby hair around the perimeter.

Do you charge extra for Baby Hair?
It is free of charge. For custom orders, you can select to add baby hair around front only, back only, all around the perimeter or no baby hair.

Does the straight hair wave up when being wet?
All our straight hair waves slightly when wet. If the hair is silky straight, the hair will turn back to its natural texture after dry.

What is virgin hair?
Virgin hair is hair that is free of any chemical processing or altering. It is the pure, 100% natural human hair cut from the head of a single donor.

What is Full Cuticle hair?
Full Cuticle refers to virgin, unprocessed hair that has not been subjected to an acid bath cuticle removal or any chemical altering. All cuticles remain intact and facing downward, maintaining the integrity, strength, and sheen of each strand.

What is Remy hair?
Remy hair is similar to virgin, full cuticle hair that has been collected from the heads of women directly, in a method in which all hair strands are facing the same direction (i.e. holding the hair in a ponytail and cutting), top at top, and ends at ends, to maintain the natural texture pattern. This eliminates tangling problems common in non-Remy low quality hair. This hair has undergone processing and coloring.


How will I know my Cap size?
For a general cap size measurement, this chart will help simplify your size when choosing in-stock wigs or customizing your order. For easy metrics, if your head circumference falls within the circumference range as illustrated in the below chart, you may want to choose a size of your cap – small, medium, or large.
What are the different lace cap types?
Cap base 1- Full Lace Cap without Stretch Cap base 2 - Full Lace Cap with ear to ear Stretch cap base 3- Full Lace Cap with Stretch in Crown Cap base 4 - full lace with stretch lace from ear to ear with adjustable straps at nape Cap base 5 - thin skin front, mono on the top, stretch lace in the back with adjustable straps Cap base 6 - lace front with wefts back with adjustable straps back too Cap base 7 - Full thin skin cap Cap base 8 - Silky top base 3.5"X3.5" with stretch lace at the back Cap base 9 - full lace with stretch lace from ear to ear , thin skin around perimeter .
What is the difference between Swiss lace & French lace?
Swiss lace is finer and softer but less durable than French lace. Swiss lace is better and natural looking to match the skin. French lace is a bit thicker and more durable for use. Both two types of laces can be dyed to match different skins.

How many lace colors can I get?
We have four (4) different colors of lace, light brown, medium brown, dark brown, and transparent
What color lace is best suited to my skin tone?
You want to match the lace color with your scalp complexion not your skin tone. This is because when you part the unit, you want it to appear as your natural scalp color. So to check your scalp color part your hair and look at the color of your scalp to determine your lace color. Follow These Guidelines - Lace Choice Color: Transparent: For White, Off White or Cream scalp tones.

Can I color the hair?
The lace wig is made of 100% human hair. You can color the hair if you wish to, but we strongly recommend not to dye the lace wig since most of our Remy products have been colored, especially wavy, curly or yaki hairs. You should avoid too much coloring because the hair may be over processed or damaged. We are not responsible for any damaged caused on the unit during dying. However you can dye the virgin hair as this lace is free of any damage to the cuticles when dying.

Can I do highlights on my wig by myself?
We suggest you get your highlights by n experienced professional stylist.


How do I take my head measurements?
Firstly, in order to buy the lace wigs which can perfectly fit you, you should take your measurements carefully. Before you start pin hair as flat and as tight as possible before taking the measurements.

1. Circumference: Measure all around the head. Position tape measure so its edge follows the hair line around the head and nape of the neck.
2. Front to Nape: Measure from hairline at center of forehead straight back over crown to center of hairline at nape of neck.
3. Ear to Ear across forehead: At front of ear, measure from hairline at base of sideburn, up across the hair line along forehead to same point in front of other ear.
4. Ear to Ear over top: Measure from hairline directly above the ear across top of head to the hairline directly above the other ear.
5. Temple to Temple round back: From temple to temple across the back of head.
6. Nape of Neck: Measure the width of hairline across the nape of the neck.

Where does the length of the hair start from?
For straight hair, the hair length should be from the head top to the hair bottom. The curly and wavy wig is processed from straight hair, so curly and wavy wig will be 1"-2" shorter depending on how deep the curl is.    


Will my wig fall off when the wind blowing?
No, when attached with glue or tape the wig will be very secure.

Will the glues and tapes cause damage to my skin?
Generally no! But all skin types are not the same. If you have sensitive skin, we recommend you to do a skin test before use. Although our customers have made no complaints in regards to their skin and adhesives, we advise you to clean the circumference of your hairline with alcohol where adhesives will be added.

What kind of glue can I use if I'm with sensitive skin?
If you are with sensitive skin, we advise you to start from the Spirit Gum or Hollisters Medical Adhesive. These adhesives can be bought on the internet.

Is the wig supplied with glue and other accessories?
No. The wig is not supplied with free and other accessories.

Will I get a user guide when I purchase my wigs?
Yes! You will get a user instruction in the package.

Who are suitable for these wigs?
Any and everyone are suitable to wear these wigs. This includes children, teenagers, women and seniors. Our wigs are can also be used by cancer patients, alopecia patients and any patients with hair loss caused by chemotherapy or scalp disease.

What do I do to my hair underneath the wig?
You can braid your hair in small cornrows or wrap your hair to the back and pin firmly.

Can I attach the wig by myself without any help in the salon?
If you are new with the lace wig, we suggest you to seek help from experienced lace wig stylist in your local salons. In each package of wig unit you purchase, we will include the instructions of how to attach your wig unit. This will enable you attach the wig by yourself following our instruction.

Can I hot curl or flat iron my wavy or curly lace wigs?
If your lace wig is straight, you can hot curl or flat iron the hair to give it more body and bounce. If your lace wig is wavy, you can flat iron the hair but however when it’s wet, it will go back to its natural wavy form. If your lace wig is curly, it is advised not to straighten the hair with a flat iron because it may not be as curly as it is originally.

Can I perm the wig?
Our lace wig is made by 100% human hair and available for any styling like your own hair. You can choose to perm the wig as you wish. However, we cannot give any suggestions how you can perm the wig.

Can I use blow dryer to dry my hair after washing? You can if you wish, but we recommend you to let your hair dry naturally.

Can I shower or swim with lace wig on?
Yes! You should apply waterproof adhesive or tape on your lace cap before you swim. We recommend you wash your unit after swimming to rinse away chemicals.

Can I exercise in my lace wigs?
Yes you can exercise in your wig.    

Is the wig available for being parted as I wish?
Yes, all our lace wigs are free styled meaning it can be parted anywhere.

Can I wear my lace wig in a high ponytail?
Yes, you can wear your wig in a high ponytail once you apply around your full perimeter with adhesives. You will need a cap construction that is made with lace around the perimeter.    

Payment Methods We accept the following payment methods for our customer: 1. Paypal 2. Bank 3. Pay4me

How long will it take to receive my custom lace wigs after payment? It takes 25 days to custom make a lace wig to your specification, and 5 business days to ship to you. It takes 14 business days for custom wefts. Where do you ship to? We ship to any part of the country. You can also contact our local representatives within your nearest geographical region Will I be notified when my order is shipped? When your wig has been shipped, a notification will be sent to the email address. Can I track my order on my account? You will be able to track your order using the tracking number we send to your email account. You can also monitor your order checking your account. We will update the status of your order regularly on your private user account. Can I place a rush order? Yes, you can. However, this is only available for custom orders and extra charge shall be paid for the rush orders. Normal production time is 25 working days and rush order is 20 working days.